Welcome to <Insurgence>


We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild founded by experienced raiders and built upon mergers with Infected Mushroom and Sacrament. We aim to cater for the needs of all players whether they be casual or hardcore and ultimately conquer any game we play.

As we have just started out in Wildstar we have no set raiding schedule but it will more than likely be 2-3 nights a week with an early evening GMT start time. More details to follow as and when we all hit cap.

Our guild has a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere and every member is able to have their say in how it is run. Teamspeak 3 is our voice comms program of choice with a server that is always busy and filled with plenty of banter, however for this reason we generally only recruit those who are unfortunate enough to be over 18.

If you are interested in joining us please whisper any one of our members in game or click the "Apply to Guild" button in the top left of this page.